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Please ensure that students are wearing the correct uniform for classes.

Not only does a uniform create a sense of identity and belonging,

it enables the teacher to see a dancer’s alignment and posture.


Our uniform is designed to be safe and practical













All shoes, Group 1 & 2 and regulation uniform  can be ordered here through IDS:

The above website stock all our uniform. ASOD do not operate this site and our uniform can be sourced from

dancewear companies if preferred or if items are out of in stock.


Training Wear as well as branded ASOD hoodie and T-shirts

can be ordered directly from Miss Wendy.

Please check with your class teacher if you are unsure about which uniform you need.


Groups 1 & 2

Red Leotard

Red Skirt

Cardigan (optional)

Black Tap Shoes

Pink Ballet Shoes

Black Jazz Shoes

Groups 3, 4 & 5

Regulation Uniform*

Black Leotard

Black Leggings

Skirt (Ballet/Lyrical)

Black Tap Shoes

Pink Ballet Shoes

Boys - Black Shorts


Training Uniform 

(See Below)

* Regulation Uniform must be worn for Graded Examinations


Alison School of Dance Training Wear

New Uni.jpg

Click Here

new uni1.jpg
new uni1.jpg


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